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Services offered

For Families

  • Assessment: Comprehensive and focused assessment for cases involving parent-child resist/refuse dynamics. Assessment of type of parent-child contact problems (e.g., alienation versus justified rejection) and severity as a basis legal decision-making, parenting time and therapeutic intervention recommendations.


  • Family Intensive Interventions: Typically 16-hour interventions delivered in two days by a team of clinicians including therapists for each of the parents and the child(ren). The intervention goal is rehabilitation of family relationships, not to provide legal decision-making and parenting time recommendations. The Intervention involves meetings with each parent and the child(ren) individually and jointly. The process may include meetings with other family members as deemed necessary.

For Professionals
  • Speaking Engagements: Invite Dr. Moran to your organization to present on these issues.

  • Legal Consultation: Review of work product, consultation with counsel, expert testimony regarding parent-child resist/refuse dynamics.

  • Assessment: Comprehensive and focused assessment for cases involving parent-child resist/refuse dynamics.


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" Overcoming the Co-Parenting Trap is an important, excellent, and easy to use resource for parents (and professionals) when a child resists contact with mom or dad. Within a family systems framework, “Overcoming...” focuses on developing more effective strategies, skills, and goals for both preferred and resisted parents.


Particularly helpful are concrete examples of problematic communications and behaviors followed by alternative suggestions likely to create a more positive effect in improving co-parenting and parent-child relationships disrupted by separation or divorce."  


-  Joan B. Kelly, Ph.D. – Northern California Mediation Center, author of Surviving the Breakup: How Children and Parents Cope with Divorce

Specialized Services

Dr. Moran specializes in helping families and professionals understand intractable conflict. He has accessed information from all fields including looking at the stand offs in Northern Ireland and the Middle East. 


Helping families stuck in this kind of conflict requires an understanding of the dynamics and factors that help create and sustain conflict making coparenting so difficult.